This article will cover the procedure of replacing the oil pump on your petrol chainsaw.

*NOTE*: This procedure is complex and requires some mechanical skill

To replace your oil pump, you will need the following tools:

  • Clutch removal tool
  • Piston stop
  • Torx bit (T20)
  • 13mm socket

You also need a new oil pump part. Please find on our website or through our helpline


  1. Remove chain brake assembly (2x 13mm nuts).
  2. Remove clutch by using a piston stop in spark plug hole, use clutch removal to twist clutch towards OFF position (clockwise) This will be tight at first, and loosen until the clutch comes off. 
  3. With torx bit unscrew top two screws on the black cover behind the clutch, this will reveal the oil pump (see image below) .
  4. With torx bit unscrew 2x screws on the oil pump - there is an earth cable on the top right screw.

  1. Replace oil pump with new, reconnect the oil pipes and earth cable.
  2. Ensure oil pump screws are tight.
  3. Put black cover back on (2x torx screws).
  4. Put clutch, clutch housing and parts back on, tighten clutch using clutch tool (This needs to be hand tight, do not over tighten. Anti-clockwise).
  5. Check clutch is free and all parts are seated correctly .
  6. Refit chain, bar and brake assy.
  7. Test - if you are unsure, please contact us for further advice.