This article will cover the soft fixes you can perform if your Petrol Chainsaw is not lubricating correctly


Our chainsaws are designed to be used with a lightweight chainsaw oil, oils labelled as "anti-fling" or "extra-tacky" may be too thick to flow through the feed pipes, especially when cool. Consider using an SAE30 oil, alternatively a 5w30 or 10w30 automotive oil.

Basic Checks

  1. Please ensure you are using chain lubricating oil -  you need to refill the chain oil reservoir each time you fill the fuel tank.
  2. Please check that the oiling port is not clogged.
  3. Please check that there are no oil leaks. Checking Chain Oil Flow
  4. After starting the engine, run the chain at medium speed and see if chain oil is being dispensed, by holding the chainsaw at an angle towards the ground, as shown above.
  5. With the chainsaw switched off, the chain oil flow can be changed by inserting a screwdriver in the hole on the bottom of the side of the clutch.
  6. Increase or decrease the oil flow according to your work conditions. 
  7. Restart the chainsaw and check the rate of flow meets your requirements.

NOTE: The oil reservoir should become nearly empty by the time fuel is used up. Be sure to refill the oil reservoir every time when refuelling the saw.

FURTHER NOTE: If the oil is not coming through at all, it could indicate that you need to replace the chain oil pipes which are underneath your chainsaw. Please contact our helpline or email us to arrange this.