This article will cover the soft fixes if the chain on your chainsaw is not moving.

If the chain is not moving when you rev the engine:

  1. If the chain brake is engaged (see below diagram), the chain will not move. 'a' = pulling back the brake bar will *disengage* the chain brake, allowing your chain to move. 'b' = pushing forward the brake will *engage* the chain brake, stopping your chain from moving.
  2. Please check that the chain is correctly tensioned (when tensioned correctly it should be possible to pull one chain link free of the bar channel with ease).
  3. Please check that the chain or blade are not damaged.
  4. If either the blade or chain are damaged they will need to be replaced.
  5. The diagram above shows what the chain should look like when A.) cold, and B.) warm - this refers to if you are starting machine from scratch (cold), or running it after a while of usage (warm).