This article will cover the soft fixes for starting your 108V Cordless Lawnmower.


  • Please check that the battery is fully charged.
  • You may check the battery level by pressing the test button at the front of your battery.
  •  Please check that the battery is fully inserted.
  • You may insert the battery by lifting the flap and sliding the battery into place.
  • When the battery is fully inserted you should hear a definitive click.
  • Please ensure that the key is fully inserted.
  • When the key is fully inserted you should hear the click of the micro switch.

Start Procedure

  1. Depress the centre of the power on/off button and hold for two seconds.
  2. The green LED will be on which means the tool will power on normally.
  3. Depress the safety lock button and keep in place whilst pulling the motor switch bar.
  4. The motor will start working.
  5. Then release the safety bar to stop the machine.

Self-propel function

The self-propelled function can be used independently and together with the cutting blade operating, it is not dependent on the blade rotation.

 To operate the machine without blade rotation: 

  1. Turn power switch to ON position. 
  2. Push the self-propelled rear switch bar towards the handle and hold it in position. The lawnmower will start to move automatically.
  3. To stop the lawnmower, simply release the self-propelled rear switch bar.

To operate the self-propelled with the blade for cutting: 

  1. Start the mower as previously mentioned. 
  2. While holding the front bail bar with one hand, engage the rear drive bar and the machine will then start to move automatically.

The self-propelled speed also can be changed by pushing the speed adjustment lever forwards and backwards. It is variable speed, so the lever can be stopped at any position to get required speed.