This article covers the soft fixes in which you can take in the event your garden shredder is not turning on.


Seen below is the operating panel, which is located on your machine:

The diagram below shows the lower half of the machine:

Prior to turning on the machine using the button labelled number 10 above, please ensure the following is present:

  1. The standby LED is lit red, this is labelled number 13 above.
  2. Please ensure that the function selection switch is set to forward or reverse. This can be seen as labelled number 9 above. 

The following issues will be presented by the standby LED not being lit red. The standby LED being number 13 on the diagram. 

The power supply is disconnected

  • Please check the plug, socket and cable for any damage. If their is damage please get this repaired by a qualified service technician.

The safety switch on the container (Number 4 in the diagram) is set to the off position (down)

  • Set the safety switch to the on position (up).

The overload protection has been triggered

  • This maybe triggered when cutting through something thicker than the machine can handle. Please reset the overload protection, this can be done by pressing the overload protection switch which is labelled number 12.

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