This article covers the installation of your new switch when you have received it from us.

If you are visiting this article because the switch on the back of your robot mower has broken, please contact our service team to obtain a new one. You can raise a ticket to contact them by clicking here.

When you receive the replacement switch, please follow the below instructions before inserting the new switch into the machine.

  1. Remove the screw as shown in the picture below. This is located at the back of the robot where the switch would be housed.                                                                                                                     
  2.  Next please insert the new switch in your robotic lawnmower and set it to the position "Iā€ as shown in the picture below. Your robotic lawnmower will beep and the lights on the control panel will turn on. Your new switch is now installed correctly.


DO NOT insert the switch further than the ā€œIā€ position. Doing so could cause the switch to break again.

If this article was unable to solve your query, please create a ticket on our site and one of our advisors will get back to you. To create a ticket please visit our site by clicking here.