This article covers the process of checking if the spark plug is working correctly on your machine. If your product seems faulty and will not start, the spark plug may be the issue.


Cleaning the spark plug:

  • The spark plug may have become dirty and when the plug gets covered in carbon, it can prevent it from sparking. If this is dirty please clean the spark plug with a wire brush or a cloth dabbed in petrol.

Tools needed:

  • Spark plug wrench

The process of the test:

  1. Firstly before starting the test please ensure you are in a shaded area, this will provide better conditions for seeing the spark appear when testing.
  2. Remove the spark plug cap (the thick black cable at the front), pulling it off the spark plug.  
  3. Using the spark plug wrench, unscrew the spark plug in an anti-clockwise direction to remove it from the engine. This may require some force but it will come off.
  4. Reattach the spark plug to the cap/cable/foot. This leaves the plug dangling out of the cap.
  5. Now please press the tip of the spark plug up against the metal part of the engine. This earths the circuit.
  6. Next, ensure that the plug is pressed up against the metal while the start/stop lever on the handle is held down. If this proves difficult a second person would make this step easier.
  7. Here you need to pull the cord as if you were going to start up the engine.
  8. Look closely at the plug and look out for a little white spark. This indicates that your spark plug is working correctly.

If you have a secondary piece of garden equipment with a spark plug that is known to work, this can be tested on the faulty product. If you place the known working spark plug into the faulty machine and perform the test above. If a spark is created then the spark plug which was initially inserted is no longer working and a replacement is needed. If the spark plug from the working machine does not make a spark when inserted in the faulty product then your ignition coil will need replacing. If this is the case please get in touch with one of our advisors by creating a ticket by clicking here. 

What to do next?:

  • If you have distinguished the spark plug is not the cause of any issue with your product, we recommend that you look into the following checks which may also be causing you an issue.

  1. Please ensure the fuel is no older than 30 days.
  2. Please ensure that the oil is at the correct level.
  3. Checking and making sure that the air filter is clean and dry.
  4. Make sure that the start cable is correctly tensioned.

  • If the spark plug did not create a spark please clean the plug with a wire brush or a cloth dabbed in petrol. If the spark plug continues to present no spark the plug is likely to be no longer working. We do supply spare spark plugs on our site and can be found by clicking here.
  • If you are unable to distinguish the issue with your product please create contact us by creating a ticket by clicking here.