An issue you may see occur with your product is it seeming to stop and lose power mid-cut. This article will cover what you can do to solve this issue.


Checking fault records on the app

  • If you have the app downloaded and the machine synced up you can check the records of your cuts. This will also display errors and more importantly why they happened.

Checking the location of where the robot mower stopped

  • Lifting and checking where the machine stopped may indicate why it has stopped in the first place. If there is debris in the way of the mower this may cause it to stop or hinder the wheels.

Ensuring there is enough power in the machine

  • If the robot mower is running out of battery mid-cycle it will need to be charged fully. Sometimes after winter once the product has been stored away for so long the battery can go flat. Repeatedly placing the robot mower on and off the charging station every minute or so until the lights indicate charging should resolve the issue. Once this is complete we recommend you do the start-up procedure again. Click here for an article on our start-up procedure.

Ensuring there is power going to the charging station

  • If there is no power going to the charging station then the robot mower will not be charging. Please ensure that there are lights displayed on the station. If no lights are on there may be an issue with the fuse or plug socket. Switching plug sockets and the fuse should restore power. If this does not help please contact our live chat team for assistance.

If you are still having an issue with your product please don't hesitate to reach out to our team via our live chat, after performing the above checks.