If water is leaking from the gun/hose connection it can be caused by the hose not being securely connected to the spray gun. If your connection is a push fit, please retry the connection by pushing the hose into the spray gun and turn it until it locks, if your connection is a screw one please make sure that the screw cap at the end of the hose is not damaged.

If the above did not work the o-ring could be missing from the end on the hose, if you would please check the hose to see if the red/black is still in place, if not we can supply these to you free of charge if your machine is in the warranty period, if your machine is out of warranty then replacement o-rings can be purchased on our website.

If the o-ring is still in place then a replacement spray gun will be required, this can be supplied to you free of charge if you are in your warranty period or if the machine is outside the warranty period a replacement spray gun can be purchased on our website.