This article covers the procedure of starting up your cordless drill.


Note: Ensure battery pack is fully charged - charging time varies depending on model (the voltage differs). Please check the 'technical data' section of your user manual. Here are some model specific instructions:

Charging Procedure for D022:

Note: (other drills have slot-in chargers & charger cradles, see figure D.)

  1. Lock the On/Off trigger by setting the switch for the direction of rotation to the intermediate/middle position (see fig. B, below). Check that the On/Off button is locked.
  2. If the battery is still in the machine, push the release button and pull the battery forward and out of the holder.
  3. Connect the connector cord of the charger into the hole of the battery pack (see figure A below).
  4. Push hard until the connector is tightly into the battery pack.
  5. Connect the mains adapter to a socket. The first power indicator of the battery pack will illuminate. The following operation modes are shown: 1. the first indicator is on: the battery pack is in charging.  2. the second indicator is on: the battery pack is 40% charged.  3. the third indicator is on: the battery pack is fully charged. 
  6. Pull the charger out of the socket once the  battery is fully charged. A full charge will take around 60 minutes.
  7. Slide the battery into the holder on the drill until you hear the locking mechanism engage. As before, the switch for the direction of rotation must be in the intermediate/middle position. The  battery has now been charged and inserted. You can now use the drill - see below.

Preparing Drill / Bit and Starting the Machine

  1. Open the chuck by rotating it anti-clockwise (figure C.)).
  2. Insert the required drill or bit into the chuck, up to the 'stop point' and then rotate it clockwise in order to clamp the bit in place.

You are ready to set the drill speed & torque:

Note of Warning: Switching gears during operation could damage the drill. − Only push the speed selector switch when the drill has come to a stop.

Gearspeed - 1 & 2:

The drill has a 2-speed gearbox for working with different materials. The drill operates at a low speed and with high torque in the first speed. This setting is used for drilling large hole diameters, for drilling in wood and plastic as well as for use as a screwdriver. The drill operates at a high speed and with low torque in the second gear.  This setting is used for drilling with small hole diameters and for drilling in metal.

  1. To set the speed, you can switch the selector at the top of the drill to '1', which is towards the chuck, or '2' which is away from the chuck.
  2. To switch on, press the trigger and the front handle safety switch at the same time.
  3. To switch off, release either the safety switch or trigger.


You can turn the dial just behind the chuck to set the torque to high or low degrees. High is meant for drilling, low for screw-driving.


  1. You firstly set the rotation (see figure B).
  2. Make relevant safety checks: 1. Safety gear/clothing, gloves and goggles on, 2. Check the bit/drill is fully clamped in place.
  3. Unlock drill trigger by pressing rotation switch either to the right or to the left.
  4. Press the trigger to run the drill.
  5. The trigger runs at various speeds depending on how hard you press down.


  • Always release the on/off trigger before inserting or removing the battery.
  • Never attempt to lock the dual safety-switch system in the on position.

A.) DO22 drill operation images:

                        B.) Rotational switch:                                               C.) Chuck clamp mechanism, speed & torque settings:

D.) PT160104 & DO19 charging set up: