This article covers the soft fixes of your petrol rotavator if it starts smoking.


Black Smoke

  • Black smoke is almost always caused because of a dirty air filter.
  • Please check to see if the air filter is dirty, if this is the case, please clean.

Checking and Cleaning the Air Filter:

  1. Please check the air filter is clear of any dirt or debris.
  2. A clean sponge air filter would be either grey or yellow.
  3. If you have a sponge air filter which is dirty, you may clean the air filter using warm soapy water.
  4. To remove the air filter, unclip the filter cover on the side of your engine.
  5. Some models may use a securing screw which can be removed by hand or using a screwdriver.
  6. Please ensure you leave the filter to fully air dry before reinstalling.

Other Coloured Smoke

  • Other coloured smoke can be caused by oil levels, spilt/leaked oil on the engine or a dirty oil filter.
  • Check and confirm the lawnmower has the correct amount of SAE30 oil by checking oil level is between the minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick.
  • Has the machine been tilted? This often causes oil to run onto the engine, in turn, causing smoke.
  • Please ensure that the air filter is not soiled and clean the air filter if dirty.