This article will cover the procedure of fitting the strimmer line on your petrol strimmer.


For the CDB/GDB:

  1. Twist off the spool cover/bolt-cap (for GDB30B: clockwise to loosen; for CDB: anti-clockwise to loosen) and then remove it. Do not lose the spring!
  2. Remove the spool and remove the remaining line.
  3. Make a nick in the middle of the new line, and hook it into the slot in the middle of the spool.
  4. Wind on a spool line on each side of the spool in the direction shown by the arrows.
  5. Press both lines into the opposite slots and thread the lines into the openings of the spool casing (the eyelets).
  6. Carefully push the line spool with its spring into the spool casing.
  7. When doing so, pull the lines out through the eyelets.
  8. Press the line spool in, and turn it clockwise as far as the stop.
  9. Keep hold of the line spool and twist it slightly back. The line spool must remain firmly fixed in the pushed in position.
  10. Screw the cover/bolt-cap back (GDB30B anti-clockwise ; CDB clockwise ) onto the line spool and turn it by hand. Adjusting the lines to the right length.
  11. Push on the underside of the line spool by hand and pull out both lines until they are somewhat longer than the edge of the protective bonnet.

For the RG415-495409 & BC260/QGTP25: