This article will cover the soft fixes if the pull cord is not working or faulty.

If your pull cord is not pulling out properly, is stuck, or is loose, then you would need to replace the whole 'starter assembly'. However, the fitting of this part on this petrol strimmer is very complicated due to the clutch cable which needs sensitive treatment. The instructions are below, but you need specialist tools and some mechanical dexterity.

If you feel unable to proceed with this, please contact our warranty & technical help team in order to discuss possible collection and repair of your machine. Alternatively, you can get a mechanic / technician to repair it. The 'starter assembly' part is available on our website or through our spares  helpline.

Note: If it is just the plastic handle which is damaged, and the cord hasn't retracted inside the machine, then you might just need to replace the 'starter grip'. Again, this is available either on our website or through our spares helpline.

Replacing Starter Assembly

WARNING: This procedure is complex, requires specialist tools and can be dangerous due to the clutch.

Tools required:

  • Torx bit (T27/T25)
  • Piston stop
  • Precision pliers
  • Clutch removal tool

Part required:

  • Starter Assembly
  1. Using torx (T27/T25) bit unscrew 4x screws on the cone connecting to the starter assembly.
  2. Gently pull the cone from the starter assembly. 
  3. Remove spark plug and replace with piston stop.
  4. Using torx (T27/T25) bit unscrew the retention bolt down the middle of the clutch housing, then remove .
  5. Remove retention circlip from top of the clutch. 
  6. Using clutch removal tool turn clutch anti-clockwise and remove clutch and plate behind.
  7. Using torx (T27/T25) bit unscrew the 4x screws on the starter assembly and 2x on the back side of the engine (Black plastic cover- ensuring the clip on the RH side joining the two covers is unclipped).
  8. The starter assembly can now be removed and replaced.
  9. Follow instructions in reverse to re-assemble (Ensuring clutch is tightened correctly and retention circlip is fitted. Also ensure when connecting the upper bar into the clutch housing ensure the main drive bar is fitted correctly- ie fits into slot, not around. If the bar is not fitted correctly there will not be any drive to the shaft).