Trimmer head / blade not moving:

  1. Please check that either the blade or strimmer head is correctly installed - see: 'Changing strimmer head to brush cutter blade'
  2. Please check that the shaft is correctly connected.
  3. The best way to check if the shaft and head are correctly connected is to diagnose whether the drive cable is in a good condition, or if it has bent/twisted.
  4. To do this: 1.) dismantle the two halves of the tube 2.) rotate the bottom head and look down the shaft whilst you're doing it - it should rotate smoothly. If not, then you will need to replace the lower shaft. 3.) if it is rotating smoothly, then it is likely the upper shaft which has failed. To double check this, you can turn the engine on and look down the upper shaft whilst you gently press the trigger, to check the same thing.