This article will cover the soft fixes for your petrol strimmer if the engine is not revving up.


If the engine is not revving up and cuts out before you reach higher revs then you need to do the following checks:

  1. Fuel: Make sure it is fresh and correctly mixed (see 'Starting Issues').
  2. Air filter: Make sure it is clean and unclogged.
  3. Fuel cap: Make sure it's hand-tight.
  4. Carburettor: see below.

Carburettor Adjustment - H Screw Focus

It is quite likely that your carburettor settings need adjustment in order for the revs to engage properly again. This is a procedure which requires a high-level of mechanical skill, so please be wary before trying it. Please contact our helpline if you are unable to proceed:

Tools needed: Carburettor adjustment 'pacman' tool

  1. Get the machine running and warmed up.
  2. There are 2 adjustment screws on the carburettor, L which refers to low speed, and H which refers to high speed.
  3. Firstly turn the L screw until the engine ticks over comfortably without the strimmer engaging.
  4. To adjust the H screw the machine needs to be run on full throttle whilst adjusting the screw. 
  5. The screw should be turned anticlockwise until the machine struggles to rev to max rpm (revolutions per minute), then turned slowly clockwise until the engine picks back up to max RPM.
  6. This should then be set to go.

Unable to do this Procedure?:

If you are unable to do this procedure, then you could order a replacement carburettor, or better still, if you are still under warranty, arrange for your machine to be collected and repaired by our workshop technicians.