This article covers the starting procedure for a petrol strimmer.


First of all, make sure that you have used the correct fuel mixture for your machine. You will need to mix fresh unleaded petrol (not older than 4-6 weeks) with 2-stroke engine oil, at a 40:1 ratio. Please use the mixing bottle provided.

The engine requires different starting procedures depending on if the machine is in a cold or warm state. 'Cold' means starting up for the first time after you have not been using the machine for a good amount of time. 'Warm' means starting up again after switching off the machine and/or having left it off for a short while.

Cold Start

  1. Lay the machine on a flat surface free of growth. Rest it on the motor and the protective housing.
  2. Set Start/Stop switch to START position.
  3. Press the primer bulb approximately 7 times (often enough so that no more bubbles are visible) - this injects the first amount of petrol that is needed to ignite the engine, 'priming' the carburettor.
  4. Set the choke lever fully downwards to the 'full choke' position (indicator: horizontal line) - this closes the airflow, allowing a concentrated amount of fuel to go through.
  5. Use your left hand to hold the appliance firmly by the rear handle.
  6. Pull on the starter cord so that you feel resistance, then pull vigorously 3 to 4 times. 
  7. When the engine ticks over it means that the engine has ignited.
  8. Whilst it is ticking, set the choke lever to the half choke position (indicator: diagonal line) - this allows some air to enter the carburettor.
  9. Pull the starter grip again quickly and strongly until the motor runs fully.
  10. Please wait 30 seconds to warm up the machine before operating the product (ie. before pressing the throttle). Pressing the throttle will automatically shift the choke to 'Run' position.

Warm Start

  1. Set the Start/Stop switch to START position.
  2. Set the choke to the RUN position (vertical line) - this allows the highest degree of air-flow.
  3. Pull the starter cord until the motor runs fully.