This article covers the soft fixes that you can perform if your blade is not moving on your petrol hedge trimmer.

NOTE: Make sure that your blades are regularly and sufficiently lubricated (ie.) multi-purpose grease).

Also: Do not cut anything larger than 22mm in width, this is the maximum cutting capacity of the hedge trimmer (for model: QHTP26 / SLK26B, for any other model, please refer to manual).

If the Blades aren't Moving:

  1. Please check that there is not debris blocking the blades.
  2. Please check that he blades teeth are not damaged. If they are, you may need replacement blades. 

If there is no movement at all and the above points are checked, then it could be an issue with the gearing at the base of the cutting shaft and at the bottom of your machine. The bull-gear cog can wear out over time. Please inspect this and replace if necessary.

If your problem still persists, please contact our helpline or consider taking to a local repair shop.