This article will cover the procedure of starting up your petrol hedge trimmer.


First of all, make sure that you have used the correct fuel mixture for your machine. You will need to mix fresh unleaded petrol (not older than 4-6 weeks) with 2-stroke engine oil, at a 40:1 ratio. Please use the mixing bottle provided.

The engine requires different starting procedures, depending on if the machine is in a cold or warm state. 'Cold' means starting up for the first time after you have not been using the machine for a good amount of time. 'Warm' means starting up again after switching off the machine and/or having left it off for a short while.

Cold Start

  1. Set the Stop/Start switch into the Start position.
  2. If starting a cold engine the auto-choke lever must be moved to the full choke position (diagonal line) - this starves the oxygen.
  3. Gently press the primer bulb approximately 7 times so that the fuel can be pumped into the carburettor.
  4. Now stand the hedge trimmer on the ground, place the left hand on the front handle. 
  5. Use your right hand to pull the starter grip quickly.
  6. Once the engine attempts to run, move the auto-choke lever to the run position (vertical line).
  7. Pull the starter grip again until the engine runs, let it run for about 15-30 seconds before operating the hedge trimmer.

Warm Start

  1. Set the Start/Stop switch to START position.
  2. Set the choke to the RUN position (vertical line) - this allows the highest degree of air-flow.
  3. Pull the starter cord until the motor runs fully.

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