This article will cover the steps to take when setting up your Patio and Wall Cleaner.


Safety Measures:

  1. Check for any damage before use
  2. Make sure all connections are dry - do not handle with wet hands.


  • Max. permissible pressure P, max. 15 MPa. 
  • Inlet flow temperature t in max. 60°C
  • The patio and wall cleaner is designed for pressure washers working at a nominal pressure (p) of 90-150bar

Setting up the Patio-Cleaner

  1. Fix all the tube parts together, as shown in the diagram above - push in and rotate/twist the parts together.
  2. Secure the tubes to the cleaner unit, the same way.
  3. FOR 'WORKZONE' PRESSURE WASHERS: Push the top of the extension tube into the barrel of your gun. Twist the gun clockwise and the tube anti-clockwise until the connection is secure.
  4. FOR NON-WORKZONE PRESSURE WASHERS: Use either adaptor E (suitable for common DIY market spray gun limited to 150 bars pressure) or adaptor H (suitable for Workzone guns post-2012 & 'DURA' post-2012 brands) to connect the extension tube to the gun securely. See below diagram.

Starting the Patio-Cleaner

Once you have set up, you can start using the patio-cleaner. Move the cleaner up and down or left and right, in straight lines. 

To adjust the strength of your cleaning power, turn the top dial clockwise to lessen and anti-clockwise to strengthen the power: