This article will cover the soft fixes you can do if there is an uneven cut.


Precursory checks:

  1. Please check that the blades are not damaged. If the blades are damaged, they need to be replaced.
  2. Please check that there is no debris around the deck of the machine.
  3. Please check that the blade is sharp.
  4. Please check the grass is not too wet or too long.

Adjustment Blade Clearance:

Cylinder mower blades act like a pair of shears and should be adjusted if the grass is not cut cleanly and evenly. At the optimum setting, they should slice through paper as if you were cutting it with scissors. 

To adjust the gap between the stationary blade and cylinder blade:

  1. Turn the mower upside down and, using a screwdriver, turn each adjustment screw, as shown above, clockwise a little at a time.
  2. Wearing gloves, carefully rotate the cutting cylinder (C) by hand to ensure it very lightly brushes across the whole width of the bottom blade. If the blades are too difficult to turn, slightly loosen each adjustment screw (D). 
  3. While the blade reel is turning, insert a sheet of paper (thickness around 0.12mm) between the blade reel and the cutting bar. The paper should shear evenly along the entire length of the cutter bar, as if being cut by scissors. If the paper doesn’t shear, slightly tighten each adjustment screw (D) and repeat the test. 
  4. Turn the mower back over, plug it in and try it. It should now be giving a clean and even cut. If not, unplug and re-adjust the screws. From time to time during use, it is advisable to carry out the above procedure to ensure that your cylinder mower is always cutting at its best.