This article covers the assembly of the handles of an electric lawnmower (cylinder).


Connecting Lower Handles to Mower:

  1. Ensure that the wingnuts on the outside of the frame securely fixes the lower handles in place.
  2. Ensure that the cable-hooks (highlighted in grey, above) are at the back of the handles.

Connecting Lower and Upper Handles Together

There are 'quick-release clamps' half-way down your handles, where the upper handles connect with the lower.

These do fix correctly, as long as you have got the parts assembled in the correct order:

  1. Ensure that you insert the bolt from the inside of the handles, so that the head of the bolt is on the inside.
  2. Ensure that you have placed a washer on the outside of the handles, so that the washer is flush against the outside.
  3. Then, you screw the 'quick release clamp' lever onto the bolt thread.
  4. Screw it until you have the desired tightness - then press down on the lever to secure it in place.

Please attempt this procedure as closely and carefully as possible. Please contact our technical helpline if

you have any further issues.