This article will cover the soft fixes you can take if you are unable to tension the chain correctly.


WARNING! An incorrectly tensioned chain may break, derail or spring off, leading to danger or injury. Test the electric saw before every start and the chain tension after every hour of sawing.


  1. Firstly, you must disengage the chain-brake.
  2. Then, turn the adjustment knob anti-clockwise to loosen the chain. 
  3. To re-tighten, turn the adjustment knob clockwise.
  4. Adjust until you achieve the desired tightness. There should be 2-3 mm of a gap when you lift an individual link out of the bar:


  • The tension of the chain must be adjusted regularly during the run-in. Immediately adjust the chain tension if the saw chain wobbles or comes out of the guide groove.
  • The tension in the chain has a major effect on the service life of the saw chain and blade. It must therefore be checked regularly. When the saw chain warms up to operating temperature, the chain tension will change and must be readjusted. A new saw chain will have to be retightened more frequently until it has reached its operating length.