This article will cover the soft fixes you can take if your blade is not moving or cutting.


Please do not use your hedge trimmer for any foliage that exceeds the cutting capacity of the machine, as listed in your manual, on the technical data chart (anything from 14mm-24mm).

Checking for debris or damaged blades:

  • Visually inspect the blades and confirm there is no debris stopping the blades from moving.
  • If there is debris ensure the machine is powered off when removing any blockages.
  • Check the blades for any damage as a damaged cutting blade could cause the machine to stop working. If the blades are damaged your local garden repair shop should be able to fix this for you.
  • Ensure your blades are lubricated. We recommend applying multi-purpose grease.

If there is no sign of any physical blockage or damage, then it is probably an issue with the gearing of the blade. We do not advise customers to pry open the machine themselves, as it is an electric item. Please contact our technical/warranty team for further advice.