This article will go over the safety precautions that you need to consider when using the Compressor 50L.

Due to the nature of the compressor, there are a number of risks that need to be assessed before and during usage. These are listed in more detail inside your manual. Here is a summation:


Proper Usage

  • There is only one purpose for this machine - to produce compressed air for pneumatic tools.

Risk of explosion

  • Never use the machine in a poorly ventilated area, and never in conjunction with dusts, acids, vapours or flammable gases.
  • Only operate the compressor at an ambient temperature of at least +5 °C and no more than +40 °C. Starting the motor at temperatures below +5 °C poses a risk due to stiffness. In an enclosed working environment, ambient temperature should be no more than +25 °C.
  • Keep flammable substances away from the machine.
  • Do not spray water on the machine.
  • Do not smoke near the machine.
  • Do not light a naked flame near the machine.

Wearing correct safety gear

  • Please wear goggles, good gloves and sturdy, tight-fitting clothing.
  • Ear noise protection (eg. muffs).
  • A mask is crucial if you are using the compressor for spray-painting.

Risk of injury

  • Do not separate connections when the machine is in a pressurised state.
  • Do not use the machine if there are signs of damage, rust, deformations (including welds, holes and modifications).
  • Always de-pressurise the tank when transporting it.
  • Switch the On/Off switch (pressure monitor) to the “OFF 0” position once the compressor has been switched off.
  • Do not repair lines which have worn or are damaged - replace them, instead.
  • Make sure that you only use pneumatic lines for compressed air that are suitable for the maximum pressure corresponding to the compressor.
  • Use a compressed air hose with a hose safety catch if you are working with pressures of 7 bar or more.
  • Danger of burns: some parts of the compressor may get hot, please avoid touching them.