This article will cover the procedure to take if your blade isn't cutting.

WARNING! Wear safety gloves when working on the cutting device and close to it! Use appropriate tools to remove debris e.g. a brush or wooden stick! Never use your bare hands!

  1. Ensure the machine is switched off.
  2. Please check that there is no debris i.e. branches or dirt in between the teeth of the blades.
  3. If the blade is blunt, you can try sharpening it by using a blade-file. Ensure you wear protective gloves.
  4. If the blade is heavily worn or damaged, please do not use. Please take the machine to a local repair shop to be replaced by a specialist.
  5. Apply a small amount of suitable lubricant along the edge of the cutting device to retain a good cutting performance. (We recommend multi-purpose grease).
  6. If there is no sign of damage or wear, then it is likely to be an issue with the gearing at the base of the blade. Please contact our Warranty Technical Helpline to discuss the next steps.  If your machine is out of Warranty please contact a local Garden Machine Repairer near you.


Note: Do not cut foliage thicker than the stated cutting capacity (refer to your manual) - this ranges from 14mm-24mm, depending on the size of the gaps on your blade.