This article will cover the setting up and starting of your pressure washer.

Video example model: Yardforce EW U13.

  1. Connect the hose connector/male inlet connector to the inlet valve on the pressure washer. This is generally located at the front, but not always. Please check the manual for confirmation.
  2. Connect your high-pressure hose. Some pressure washers connect to the hose reel, others connect to the outlet valve on the body of the pressure washer. You can confirm this by checking your manual.
  3. Assemble and connect your spray gun/lance/nozzle/patio washer and connect the hose. Nearly all spray gun accessories connect using a push and twist or bayonet connection.
  4. Connect your garden hose to the inlet connector using a quick connect coupler (generally not included with your pressure washer).
  5. Connect the power lead to the mains.
  6. Turn your water tap on (ideally using an outside tap).
  7. Now you can turn the pressure washer on.

 Tip to clear airlocks:

  • Keep the pressure washer switched off.
  • Point the spray gun away from you. 
  • Pull and hold onto the trigger to start the water flow, waiting for it to flow smoothly.
  • Then turn on the pressure washer.

This draws water through the machine before it starts up and can clear any airlocks!

Video Example Model: Yardforce LW C02 Cordless