This article will cover the correct way in which you can use detergent with your pressure washer.


WARNING: Using detergents/chemicals other than those recommended by the manufacturer can affect the safety of the washer. Only use detergent cleaners supplied or recommended by the manufacturer - ie. products specified for pressure washer usage.

  • Do not allow the detergent to come into contact with the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, as it can cause burns.
  •  In the event of contact with the detergent, immediately flush the applicable areas with plenty of clean water and consult a doctor if necessary. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.

Depending on your model there are two ways of using detergent, from the gun or from a tank: 

1. Detergent bottle affixed to gun:

If you have the Qualcast or Spear & Jackson Q1W-SP09-1450 or McGregor MPW1470,  or a Cordless pressure washer, then your detergent bottle will affix to the end of your gun.

Using a bottle: 

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution.
  2. Unscrew the bottle cap of the detergent bottle. Fill the bottle with the detergent solution. Screw the bottle cap on tightly. 
  3. Fit the detergent bottle to the trigger gun. 
  4. Turn on the pressure washer. Pull the trigger to operate the unit. The liquid detergent will automatically mix with the water and be discharged through the nozzle. Apply the detergent to a DRY work surface, from the bottom to the top. 
  5. Rinse with clean water under high pressure. On a vertical surface, rinse from the bottom up, and then rinse from the top down to avoid streaking. Hold the nozzle 6-8” (15-20 cm) from the work surface at a 45° angle.

2. Detergent Tank:

Most other models have a tank/container on the machine where the detergent-water mix goes into.

Using a tank:

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution.
  2. To lock the trigger for the spray gun, flip the yellow safety lock up until it locks in place [OR, for the Q1W-SP05-2200, lock the trigger by pushing the safety lock at the bottom of the handle].
  3. Take the cap off the cleaner container and pull the hose out. 
  4. Fill the container with the diluted cleaning solution. 
  5. Guide the hose back into the cleaner container and screw the cap back on.

Spraying detergent:

  1. Once you have followed the above steps, affix your variable pressure nozzle onto your spray gun.
  2. Set the nozzle to lowest pressure. For the Q1W-SP05-2200 this means twisting the nozzle. For all other models it requires you to pull out the nozzle to a forward position. *Note: the detergent will only come out on the lowest pressure setting of your vario-pressure nozzle*.
  3. Release the safety lock and depress the trigger of the spray gun to begin work.

^For models other than the Q1W-SP05-2200A

3. Yardforce Pressure Washers

  • The EWU13A & the EWU15 use both the gun-affixed bottle & the detergent tank on the main body. 
  • The EWU13 compact pressure washer (the one on the instructional video) only has a tank which is in the machine itself, accessible via a top lid. See below diagram. *Note: the detergent will only come out on the lowest pressure setting of your vario-pressure nozzle*.