This article covers the meaning of the different LED lights that you may see on your robot mower.


Here are the various types of signals given by the LED in-between the two connecting rods:

No LED on at all.

  • Check all connections and mains to ensure there is power running to the station.

LED on the station is flashing red.

  • The boundary wire is not correct or has been cut.
  • Check the connections on front and back of the station.
  • If LED turns blue, success.
  • To test if there is an invisible break in the boundary wire you can attach a small loop of wire to the station to test if the LED goes blue if it does then the customer needs to check/replace boundary wire.

LED on the station is blue but no signal on the mower.

  • Unplug one end of the boundary wire if the LED starts flashing red then check robot.
  • If the LED is still blue there is no fix.

LED on the station is flashing blue/red/pink.

  • When the robot is in the charging station this is normal.

If the charging station LED continues to signal after you have done the relevant responses listed above, or if there is no power at all, then please contact our helpline or email us for further advice.