This article will cover the self propel cable fitting to gearbox making sure its fitted correctly.

It could be that your self-propel drive cable has sheared off at the bottom, where, by a spring, it is meant to hook onto the gearbox actuation lever. If this has happened, then your cable will be slack.

Check the very bottom of the drive cable where it is supposed to connect with the gearbox. You will notice quickly whether the spring-hook at the end of your cable has buckled. If it has buckled/sheared off, then you will need to obtain a new drive cable (purchasable on our website, or via our spares-helpline), and fit it onto the gearbox. We can either send you a new drive cable, or if you are unable to fit it on, then we could discuss possibly collecting your machine for repair under your warranty (contact our helpline for this).

To try self-repair, please use the following instructions, and refer to the pictures further down:

  1. To repair it you would need to firstly dismantle the wheels.
  2. Then take off the supporting-hook springs or brackets that fix the axle in place. 
  3. Then you remove the cable from the gearbox, feeding it through the rubber grommet hole in the chassis.
  4. Detach it from the handles. 
  5. Replace the cable in exactly the same way as above, but in reverse. Bear in mind that the drive cable is paired with the brake cable – they come supplied as one part.

Guiding Photos

*Green ring is where the outer-cable needs to be situated, and the blue ring is where the hook at the end of the cable needs to be attached (the 'actuation lever'. The black spring here is the 'Gearbox tension spring' which hooks from the gearbox to the chassis/framework.*

*Corresponding blue & green circles for inner and outer cables*