This article will cover the procedure in checking and making sure your drive belt is correctly tensioned.


Your drive belt can slip off the pulley if the gearbox loses tension. It is kept in place by a thick black spring which hooks from the gearbox to the chassis/framework.

Checking the Drive Belt is Correctly Tensioned

Tools: Pliers needed, if the gearbox spring is detached.

  1. Your drive belt will run from the blade adaptor to the gearbox pulley which is on top of the gearbox.
  2. By pushing on the belt you should feel a small amount of sideways movement.
  3. Please ensure that the drive belt is neither damaged nor worn.
  4. If the drive belt is either damaged or worn, then it will need to be replaced.
  5. Please ensure that the gearbox tension spring is firmly attached and free from any debris.
  6. If the spring is loose or missing, then it will need to be reattached or replaced.

Guiding photos:

Please see the following photos to help you with this:

*View of the gearbox, pulley (white wheel) and GB tension spring (black spring)*

*Spring and belt fully fitted* 

*Spring detached, and belt slipped off the pulley*