This article will cover the process which you can follow to check if your self propel cable is correctly tensioned.


Self-propulsion can fail due to one or more of its component parts being affected: 

  1. The clutch cable (slack or snapped).
  2. The drive belt (lost tension, or broken).
  3. The gearbox (broken or pulley worn out).

This trouble-shooter will go through each of these one by one. 

NOTE: To skip ahead to a particular stage, go to the bottom where you have 'Go to' options.

Let's firstly address the cable tension:

The self-propel drive cable goes from the levers on your handle down into the main-frame of your mower, hooking onto the gearbox. If the cable is not correctly tensioned, the system will not actuate.

Checking the Self-Propel Cable is Correctly Tensioned

Tools Required:

Depending on the size of the mower, either:

  • 8mm & 10 mm spanner
  • 10mm & 12mm spanner
  1. If there is any more than 5-10mm play in the cable it will need to be tensioned. The self-propel drive cable is the lower cable which goes down into the housing of the mower and connects to the gearbox.
  2. In order to tension the cable, locate the silver barrel adjuster located halfway along the cable and loosen the locking nut at the top of the barrel.
  3. Turn the barrel adjuster until you have the desired 5 mm to 10 mm play in the cable.
  4. Once you have the desired tension, please screw down the locking nut.
  5. Fully tighten the locking nut and barrel using the 10mm and 11mm spanners.

The video below gives a visual representation of this procedure.

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