• Excessive vibration may be due to an unbalanced or damaged blade.
  1. Please check that the blade is not damaged.  This could be caused by the blade coming into contact with an obstacle in the garden, if the blade is rusty or the lugs on the blade adapter has sheared off.

          If any of these are the case you will need to replace your blade - 

      If your blade is damaged and is also stuck in place, please try the following procedure:

  1. Fix the blade in place using a block of some sort, ie.) a wood block, and wedge it in place so that the blade cannot move.
  2. Use a socket wrench on the blade fixing bolt. Turn it anti-clockwise.
  3. At first, apply as much force as possible, and then gradually unscrew the bolt.
  4. Once the bolt has been removed you can then place the new blade onto the blade adapter and then tighten it into place using the blade bolt