This article will cover the errors you may find displayed on your robot mower.


The LED on the above button is flashing red rapidly and or no input is possible.

  • If you have never changed the PIN number, press the button 4 times (this is default).
  • The LED should turn off and the mower should unlock.
  • If you have set a PIN number, enter it in.
  • To reset the pin number see trouble-shooter, 'How to set PIN code'.

The LED on the above button is flashing blue and the robot returns to the station.

  • Outside of the active mowing time, press the hour button.
  • The LED should just remain blue and the robot should work normally.

The LED is red because the robot thinks it is off the ground.

  • Check the underside for any blockages and remove.
  • The LED should go off.
  • If the LED remains red, do a factory reset on the mower (see: 'How to factory reset').

The LED is red and the mower returns to the station.

  • The battery is empty and needs to charge.

  • The mower should return to the station and start charging. This can be identified by a flashing blue light when docked with charging station.

How do I set the Pin Code on my Robot Mower