This article covers the setting up and starting up your robot mower.


Amiro 400i Setup Video

X Series Setup Video

Eco Model Settings Video

The start-up procedure varies depending on your series type of mower. 

First of all, the battery must be charged.


  1. Make sure that the mower is fully charged.
  2. Mower will not connect to charging station properly on uneven ground, with obstacles around, or if the boundary wire is broken or not connected properly.
  3. A flat battery requires a charging time of 100 minutes. 
  4. If the mower is  still on its 'working period',it will disconnect from the station when fully charged and will continue on to the lawn automatically. If paused or switched off, it will stay inside the base.

You now can switch on the machine. Listed below are manual starting procedures for each series type:


X-Series (x50-100 & x50i-100i)

    1. Press the red switch, located at the back                                                                             2. Press the STOP button

  3. Unlock the panel as described above^,  the image above is a panel for an "i" model as it is a Wi-Fi signal sign located between "S1" and "S2".

  4. All LEDs will switch off. Then, press your desired 'H' number (ie.) 4H = 4hrs) & Signal (S1 or S2). Match the signal number with the one on your charging station.

  5. Press the start symbol (pictured below). Flip down the cover and the machine will give a long 'BEEP', and will start mowing.  

AMIRO (300-400, 300i-400i)

1. Turn red switch at the back.   

2. To Recommence mowing, please press the STOP button ^ again.   

3. Match signal button (S1 or S2) to charging station.

4. Choose your preferred working-time for example 4 hours = 4H

5. Press and hold the unlock button, then press the start button. After a few seconds the mower should engage.

Compact 280R

SA series (500ECO, 600H & 650ECO)

1. Press the start button at the back-bottom.

2. Press STOP button, and lift cover. Then follow the above steps^

NOTE: SA600H has a touch screen system. Please see this German Yardforce International video for an idea of the SA600H

Returning to Home (charging station)

All three types of mower return back to the charging station at the end of the mowing cycle. To manually command it to return to the station:

  1. Press STOP, 
  2. Lift cover, 
  3. Unlock (press 4 times (default), or enter PIN code), 
  4. Press the Home button, 
  5. Close cover and mower will proceed to dock with station.