This guide will go through how to install your boundary wire and charging station.


Amiro 400i Setup Video

X Series Setup Video

Planning & Installing Video

The first stage of using your robot mower is setting up the charging station and laying out the boundary:

1. Charging station

  1. Find a flat area of your lawn, on the perimeter, where you can place your station. It must be even ground, without any obstacles or debris in the way. 
  2. Pin down the station with 4 fixing pegs (once your wire is laid out and tucked underneath - be careful not to damage/kink the wire).

NOTE: mower will not dock correctly if the station is incorrectly set.

2. Boundary wire

First of all, there must be a boundary created with the boundary wire. 

  1. Please use a hammer to fix the wire in place underneath the pegs supplied.
  2. The ends of the wire need to be stripped leaving 10-15 mm of exposed wire, and twisted so that they fit into port 'F' & 'B'.
  3. The 'F' wire needs to go underneath the charging station, the 'B' wire returns to the station.
  4. There needs to be at least 2m of straight wire coming out from the charging station. 
  5. There must not be any angles in the boundary line which are smaller than 120°.
  6. The total length of the wire must not be more than 300m. If there is any surplus wire, it needs to be tucked under the charging station, outside the set boundary, and not rolled up.
  7. Plug the charging station into the mains. An LED should switch on at the back. NOTE: If it is flashing, then it means that the boundary wire is broken and needs attending to.